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Interphone Connect is perfect for talking to the passenger: the range of 300 meters and the high audio quality make it reliable in all driving conditions. This helmet intercom is ideal for traveling as a couple and is an excellent assistant for the rider: it helps him manage incoming calls, allows you to store a number for quick calls, and you can also listen to music or the radio, connect it via Bluetooth® to the App for Android or iOS and listen to the voice instructions of the GPS navigator: the battery lasts up to 15 hours! Leave with Interphone Connect for that weekend on the road you've always dreamed of!

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  • ANYCOM: allows you to communicate with intercom devices
  • AUDIO: NDVC - automatic volume adjustment, dual volume adjustment mode for jet and modular helmets - for full-face helmets, windproof directional microphone
  • MOBILE PHONE: speed dial - ability to store a phone number to be recalled quickly with a command from the intercom, voice call, redial of the last call, sharing a telephone conversation with a passenger
  • GPS: compatible with the main Bluetooth navigators for motorcycles, GPS voice instructions
  • MP3 / MUSIC: music playback from smartphones or other bluetooth devices, song sharing (music sharing between rider and passenger)
  • INTEGRATED FM RADIO: automatic storage of the first 8 most powerful stations
  • SMARTPHONE APP: compatible with iOS and Android. It allows you to set and control the intercom directly from the Smartphone
  • STANDBY: 1000 hours