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MIDLAND BTX1 PRO SINGLE intercom - 2020

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The BTX1 PRO is the first of the BT Pro series, designed for communication between two people: rider-passenger.Equipped with digital technology for noise reduction - Digital Noise Killer, Noise Gate and Equalizer - it guarantees optimal transmission up to 300 m . In addition, a new packaging that includes the Hi-Fi Sound speaker Superbass.

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Safety, practicality and fun: these are the technical characteristics of BTX1 Pro. Fun, because it connects up to two mobile phones at the same time, with which you can listen and share music. Or choose from 6 radio stations that can be stored. Safe because thanks to the digital technology that suppresses noise, you can communicate in total relaxation with the passenger, or listen clearly to the GPS indications, without worrying about the volume, managed by the AGC, the Practical Automatic Gain Control, thanks to the fixing to sled, and above all quick to take out and take with you. Any other adjectives to describe it? Waterproof, IPX6. Universal, like its Talk 2 All Universal Intercom function, which allows you to combine it with intercoms from other brands. Active, with a simple word. Contemporary, because it updates continuously (have you already downloaded the latest MWE firmware?). Competitive, with an advantageous price. #bestaudio ever!

MID C1230.08