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MIDLAND BTX2 PRO SINGLE intercom - 2020

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Do you have to tell your best friend that he turns around at the intersection but is 1 km behind? Activate the BTX2 Pro and communicate it One-to-One (up to four people). Do you want to tell how the roar of the bike in acceleration has always fascinated you? Choose the Conference function (always up to 4 people) and let everyone know.

Then accelerate, the communication closes and listen to the rumble.

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BTX2 Pro, like all intercoms in the Pro series, takes full advantage of digital technology to eliminate background noise, with the Digital Noise Killer, Noise Gate and Equalizer functions, always updated with MWE firmware and the dedicated app.

The journey therefore becomes more interesting, if the noises, when in company, leave room for chatting between four people, both together (Conference mode) and in two (One-to-One mode).

What if you lose sight of the other bike? Up to one kilometer away, you can alert the other driver, listening to his response with the Hi-Fi Speaker Superbass Sound included in the package.

Or you can use them to listen to music and share it with Music Share. Or listen to the radio with RDS, choosing from the 6 storable stations. Or listen to the calls coming from two connected mobile phones, or the GPS information.

Choose with your voice, activating the intercom with the VOX function. You can also connect it to intercoms of other brands.

Of course, it is waterproof IPX6.

All this to guarantee safe, fast communications, with clean audio and all the possibilities for sharing and fun that a motorcyclist could wish for.

MID C1231.08