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MOTORBIKE Multi-Spray Plus 7 (Conf. 300ml) Liqui Moly

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Liqui Moly MOTORBIKE Multi-Spray Plus 7 (Conf. 300ml)

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Multi-Spray Plus 7 Multifunctional spray for car, home, hobbies and gardening. With 7 advantages in terms of performance: 1. Expels moisture, allows you to start wet engines. 2. Protects the electrical system, eliminates leakage currents and short circuits. 3. Allows you to loosen the screws blocked by rust. 4. Ensures smooth running of moving parts. 5. Protects against corrosion and oxidation. 6. Protects the rubber parts, prevents frost from attacking them. 7. Eliminates squeaks, is compatible with synthetic materials, paints, metals and wood. Can be used universally at home, in the factory and in the workshop. For hinges, pulleys, locks, screws, switches, handles, Bowden bolts, car antennas etc. Protects the entire electrical system.