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MOUSSE E- 21 C1 MEDIUM ENDURO - 90/90-21

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MOUSSE E- 21 C1 MEDIUM ENDURO - 90/90-21

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PIRELLI foam mousses replace traditional air chambers for off-road tires. Technically, the mousse is a butyl rubber ring with a honeycomb structure, the cells of which are filled with gas which reproduces the effect of an air chamber. A Metzeler mousse is a technologically advanced product, characterized by the presence of self-pressurizing agents capable of creating a high number of gas bubbles inside the mousse, making the product intact even following punctures. A Metzeler mousse, therefore, has an obvious advantage over traditional air chambers, since it remains intact even after punctures and abrasions. was specifically developed by Metzeler to face various types of race, whether it be a desert race or a cross race.


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