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Mousse Speedy 90/100-21 MEDIUM HARD CLASSIC

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Mousse Speedy 90/100-21 MEDIUM HARD CLASSIC

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Mousses are a spongy ring that is used off-road to replace the inner tubes during off-road competitions only. They are made with a compression molding process using different materials, mixed together, such as rubber, butyl and polyurethane, which thanks to a complex chemical formulation, during the vulcanization process, are transformed into closed cell foam. Our system takes advantage of the microscopic bubbles of air that remain trapped inside them in such a quantity as to support the rim / tire assembly by not flattening it much, remaining at a constant pressure of 0.9 bar. The drawback of mousses is normally that at high operating temperatures, this element tends to deteriorate, first swelling then drying inside, then rapidly degrading until it crumbles.

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