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REV'IT Excalibur Jacket Man Black-Silver

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Rev'it Excalibur Jacket

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Responding to the demands of various markets, REV'IT! now introduces the Excalibur: a short fabric jacket with the same technical features as the well-regarded Indigo Ladies. The Excalibur features a removable thermal liner and membrane that can be worn together as a separate jacket. With both linings removed this jacket offers excellent direct airflow, making it an ideal choice as a four season jacket especially in warm climates. The membrane can also be replaced by the Challenger Cooling Vest, which connects using the same zippers. The Excalibur is available in three color combinations, including the silver option that reflects sunlight. This versatile item is sure to appeal to a large group of users, from touring enthusiasts to sporty bikers.

REVIT FJT154-1170
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